AperiMail announces the launch of its private and secure email solution
March 8, 2021
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AperiMail, a British tech startup in the secure messaging industry, today announces it has released its signature private and secure email service publicly to both consumers and businesses. Built from the ground up with privacy and security at the forefront, AperiMail offers a unique alternative to mainstream email services through industry leading privacy protections and military grade encryption, designed for anyone who needs a truly safe, easy and resilient way to communicate.

With AperiMail, users are offered a unique email solution that shields them from the growing concerns regarding the protection of their personal information and are empowered to decide on who can read their emails and the sensitive information they may contain. Every new account on AperiMail is created with just the absolute minimum of personal information.

Security is one of two main principles at AperiMail and messages are encrypted whilst in transit and when stored on the server and only readable by the user. Privacy is also paramount and in addition to not collecting any personally identifiable information, by utilising a simple, low cost subscription model, AperiMail guarantees its users protection unlike other email solutions which offer free accounts but compromise privacy and security as a consequence.

“We are excited to go live with our first secure product, starting with email, and we already have plans underway for developing our decentralized products as well,” said Michael Kingsnorth, founder and CEO. “We aim to be at the forefront of privacy focused messaging services in the UK and, as we grow, across Europe and North America too.”

Approximately 2.4 billion emails are sent every second. That’s 74 trillion emails every year. Email triumphs over most other forms of digital communication and the efficiency and familiarity of email enables the medium to remain the leader in the transfer of information. AperiMail aims to revolutionize the way people and companies communicate, all whilst ensuring maximum protection.

About AperiMail

AperiMail is a software company specialising in building privacy and security centric services, starting with email. Founded in 2020, we believe that every individual should be able to live free from being locked into third party proprietary ecosystems where their data is collected and monitored. Our software is fully platform agnostic, allowing us to replicate solutions in different environments, and to migrate systems as and when to ensure security and ethical operations are always at the forefront.


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