Can A Free Email Account Compromise Your Privacy And Security?
May 19, 2021

Free email accounts are clearly accessible and work just fine, but are they reliable and safe? When looking at the different options available, both personal and business users need to be aware of various issues associated with free email services and what to look for in an email solution that works for them.

Inherently, simply because an email service is free does not make it unsafe, however as with anything in life, one can ask as to how a company is making money if it is not charging its end user for the service. Questions to ask include whether the service has a history of credibility and its security and privacy protocols.

One such example of where a free service may generate revenue is through the scanning of its user’s mailboxes in order to serve said customer targeted and personalised advertisements. In recent years, at least one major email provider has promised to stop using scans of mailboxes to feed in to advertising data however they continue to still present ads in the mailbox regardless, and say that the data you input and receive can be used to “improve your experience”. 

Other instances have shown free email providers specifically building tools that scan its users email inbox and sent items to provide data to government agencies, potentially violating legal boundaries and privacy protections users expect. 

Regarding security, free email accounts may not even guarantee end-to-end encryption: in the unfortunate event of a cyberattack on the email vendor, all of its users’ sensitive data might be at risk too.

Since free email accounts may threaten users’ privacy and security, paid email services offer reassurance with ensuring better privacy, advanced spam protection, large cloud storage, and many other features.

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