Security has to be at the forefront of protecting your data. We only ask for the essential personal information needed to sign up to AperiMail for the smooth running of your account. Your information is stored safely in encrypted distributed databases for resilience, beyond the reach of the Internet. Your password is hashed and therefore not restorable to the unencrypted form; only you know your password and it is completely inaccessible by any of our staff. Login access requires your username and secure password, and for our client portal, 2-factor authentication.

Every single incoming and outgoing email is virus and spam checked, and we utilise GPG software (Open Source PGP utility) to ensure email content is fully encrypted. While the use of HTTPS provides the secure transport of emails, the mailbox file system is also encrypted to ensure security at rest. Each server runs several software-based intrusion detection tools to ensure no files on the systems are tampered with.

Our portals are only accessible using the well known HTTPS protocol and Transport Layer Security (TLS), using the most robust encryption cyphers that prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. All our servers run on Linux, have constant monitoring tools to check the health of the servers and our staff perform regular patch management.

All subscription payments are processed via our payment provider Stripe, which is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry, ensuring the utmost security. We do not store any credit card details ourselves.

You have the option of using either POP3 to download all emails to your chosen email client app and not stored on the server, or IMAP so emails can be stored safely on the server for ease of access until permanently deleted.

Every one of our servers are built using modern scripting methods used by industry leading teams in the corporate world. This ensures that we can repeat building servers time after time to the exact same specifications and, should we have to replace environments, we can do it swiftly and safely. Our infrastructure is protected by firewalls and load balancers in front of virtual private cloud networks.




           No credit card required